Tore is an experienced photographer born in North of Germany and loves exploring different cultures. He has been meeting people with different nationalities and examining how different they are from each other. Along with that, his photographs highlight these differences and elaborate them in the form of pictures.
As a person, Tore has a friendly nature and he loves to mix around with people particularly if they are creative. He has visited various countries for completing photography assignments including Australia, America and India. He has been taking mesmerizing images for fashion shows, landscapes and weddings. His work surely displays the working caliber that he has. At present, Tore works in social media based marketing company before which he was employed as an engineer in a paper company.  As a photography professional, Tore is vastly experienced and has been taking photos since 10 years.

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What is MIDU.ART?
The idea and concept of MIDU.ART was born in Berlin and constructs routes to relive the actual roots of original photography.
The concept of MIDU.ART is click images that highlight how photography was in the early days. The black and white images which had their own beauty and using a bit of Photoshop to give the final touches to images seemed alien. Instead of using the latest digital lenses, the vintage camera lenses with manual focus would be used for this project.
In literal terms, MIDU is broken down into two words, MI meaning “me” and DU meaning “you”. “Me” is referred to the person taking the photographs and “You” is the one standing in front of the camera. The MIDU project would be an amazing gift for people who love classic photography. It is the purest form of photography unlike the artificial touches that are added using editing softwares. This project would surely elaborate the emotional closeness than Black and White photography had in the old days.
The most important and attention catching factor of MIDU.ART is originality and rawness. The thrill to click pictures using full frame cameras instead of editing those using softwares is what MIDU is all about. Classic photographs surely have their own charm. In an overall manner, the MIDU.ART project is another iteration of classic photography.
Why does Tore want to make the world trip in 2017?
The creativity diet of a photographer is only fulfilled if he views newer pastures. Unlike a typical office going person, a creative genius like him cannot sit on a chair for 9 hours. Hence, visiting new lands and exchanging conversations with people would surely help him grow professionally and create a stock of new clicked visuals.
Some other purposes of making this world tour are listed below.
Tore wants to further view how life and people are in countries outside Germany. He wishes to communicate with people living in other countries and see how they live their lives.
He feels that he has seen enough of Germany and being in the same place is tarnishing his level of creativity. The concept of MIDU.ART would produce impeccable results in countries that show a varying picture of life. Tore feels that making this world tour would undoubtedly satisfy his appetite for creativity. This tour would give him several chances of take classic photographs using the manual focus cameras and re-invent classic photography with a modern touch.
Examining beautiful signs and scenes is definitely what keeps a photographer breathing. This tour would give Tore ample opportunities to further portray his creative skills. Like any other photographer, satisfaction of the creative soul is very important and this world tour would help him in discovering new things that fascinate him. He would be able to take pictures of things that he likes viewing.
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A behind the scence video from a photoshooting in Australia. Thanks at Handbrake Design for the video.
IMPRINT media house in Berlin (Germany)
Mr. Tore
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